Effective oxygen cutting operations

in Vallese di Oppeano, Verona

Ossitaglio Veronese, working in a plant in the locality of Vallese di Oppeano, cuts sheets in different sizes and types of steel according to the needs of customers. All activities are carried out by qualified technical staff, who are always up-to-date on the latest processing techniques in the sector and on the correct use of our machinery. This all goes to show our great attention to quality and professionalism, giving us a solid, well-earned reputation throughout the province of Verona.

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We carry out oxy-cutting operations, a process for cutting sheet metal using an oxyacetylene flame and a jet of pure oxygen. This is able to burn, perforate, and cut all ferrous metals containing carbon. We have always been careful to carry out interventions exactly as requested by customers, always using highly specific and modern instruments: three numerical control oxy-cutting machines that perform high precision and quality cuts, and which also guarantee an excellent product even on larger thicknesses.

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The PLASMA cut

We also have a plasma cutting machine driven by a modern programming system, guaranteeing high-definition cuts and products with a fantastic finish. Gas is blown at a high pressure through a nozzle, establishing an electric arc between an electrode and the surface to be cut. This transforms the gas into plasma. Plasma transfers heat to the metal until it is melted and breaks down.

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Areas of work

Ossitaglio Veronese works in various sectors, from petrochemicals to earth moving, from industrial construction to large, high-tech plants, and from mechanical workshops to metal carpentry.
All work is strictly carried out according to the specifications provided by the customer.

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